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October 2010

As the earlier owner has decided to move on to new challenges, Futuraskolan has been given the opportunity to take over Strålarnas Förskola. The preschool is located at Lidingö and has room for up to 35 children.

The media company Allt för föräldrar is acquiring the web shop SayDada.se from ValueTree Holdings AB.

”Through this acquisition we strengthen our position on the market, as all parents can now not only find out all they need to know or wonder about parenting through our discussion forums and fact centres, but now be able to shop baby and children products via a convenient web shop.”, says Peter Scheffer, CEO Allt för föräldrar AB.

With about 200 000 unique visitors per week, Allt för föräldrar expects the web shop to soon become one of the largest within its market segment.